Tropheus bloat treatment with the lack of old meds

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Tropheus bloat treatment with the lack of old meds

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I`m new to this forum. I`m pretty experienced with Tropheus since 2001. After 5 years of break I will start my dream tank in our forever home.
Since Furan2 a and clout are no more. What is the current treatment method for the bloat? I`ve been searching forums and internet for a few days but seems like no clear information. I had 100% success with clout and few times Furan 2 was needed. Now it doesn`t seem like any medication replaced either or, maybe I`m missing something.

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Re: Tropheus bloat treatment with the lack of old meds

Post by Pam Chin »

Hi Metin,

I don’t think much has changed, everyone seems to have their own cure and ritual. I personally like to stay away from the meds, I have had nothing but bad luck with them. You spend a fortune on the fish and then spend a fortune on meds, and it never seems to end well.

Bloat is kind of a catch all phrase, it could be bacterial, parasites or even an actual blockage, and it is hard to diagnose and treat properly. It is usually a result of other issues, like aggression, overfeeding, poor water conditions.

I try to do preventative maintenance, by trying to stay one step ahead of them. I keep species only tanks, strive for the cohesive group, and hope for the best.

Oh, I do know that the Clout that is available today, is not the same clout we use to see in the 90’s. They have been bought out and reformulated several times.

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