Wyoming Convict Cichlids

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Wyoming Convict Cichlids

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I was leafing through my copy of the Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America North of Mexico, second edition by Lawrence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr and to my complete astonishment I read that Convict Cichlids have been introduced into Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Perhaps in a warm water pool fed by Yellowstone type geothermal waters ? Is this true? Does anyone know or has anyone seen them ? I would think that some authority like NPS or USFWS would have since poisoned them since the copyright of this book is 2011. My eyes would bug right out of my head if I saw them.
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Re: Wyoming Convict Cichlids

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I wouldn't be surprised, hopefully it is an isolated pool. That is a real head shaker for sure, but idiot moves like this with fish have happened all over the world, we can not seem to help ourselves.

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