Water change ph fluctuation.

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Water change ph fluctuation.

Post by DarrenB »

Hi Pam.Just wanted to ask your opinion about my routine w/changes and ph fluctuations.
My tap water is ph 7.4 then after 24hrs raises to 7.6.
Dgh=9 and KH=8,I have 40 mbuna in a 90 Gal,400UK ltr tank.
I feed heavily so I do weekly 80%w/changes.
Would you leave the ph as it is?or would you recommend buffering?
I’ve buffered with bicarbonate before so I know how much to add to my water change water to raise to Ph 8.
If you do recommend buffering then I would add the dechlorinator and buffer upon filling the tank,do you think the slight ph change would stress the fish out on every water change doing it that way.
Kind regards Pam.
Pam Chin
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Re: Water change ph fluctuation.

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Hi Darren,

I am a firm believer that the closer you can get to the natural habitat pH the better your fish will look. But, that can be a doubled sided sword, playing with your pH can bite you. In your case though you are not trying to move it up too much, so I don't really see any risk, and you may get some better colors out of your fish.

Good job on the big water changes I am sure your fish appreciate that!

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