Unique tank setup ideas

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Unique tank setup ideas

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I have a tank that is 72"(183cm) long x 20"(51cm) W and 14"(36cm) tall. I am interested in some tank ideas and regions that would fit well into this setup. I currently have a Pool Malebo and a Rio Meta tank so interested in some other ideas. I was thinking it could be a slow moving stream/pond with shallow water or at least the shallow parts of it or it could be a fast moving shallow stream. Appreciate any ideas here
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Re: Unique tank setup ideas

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Hey Andrew,

Sorry for the delay on answering your questions, I have been traveling.

Doing a successful biotope tank can be really hard, especially it you don't do the research up front. There are probably a million places where the water is shallow and runs fast or slow 😂. I think the best way to approach it is by picking the fish you want to work with. Because you can pick a biotope and do all the research but if you can't find the fish, or you don't like they way the look, you are stuck. Start by researching the fish that are available to you and then you can narrow down what biotopes would be possible.

Your tank size is nice, I like a long shallow tank. Height for smaller fish is really not an issue.

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