Yellow lab "Mbowe" & "Kakusa" different??

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Yellow lab "Mbowe" & "Kakusa" different??

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Hi Pam.

I am Malawi fan,and I have one interesting question for you; Which is a different of two L.caeruleus "yellow" geovariety- "Mbowe" and "Kakusa" in natural habitat?? I don't looked any difference in these two types... I also looked that in the Koning's book "Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat" 4th edition...
Btw,difference between "Lion's cove" geovariety and "Mbowe"(or "Kakusa") is a very visible...

Thank's for answer! :)
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Re: Yellow lab "Mbowe" & "Kakusa" different??

Post by Lisachromis »

Pam is away for the moment and I will do my best to answer, and if my research is wrong, I am sure Pam will correct me when she gets back.

The forms from Lion's cove, Kakusa and Mbowe are yellow form caeruleus. From what I can see the Kakusa form has blue on the edge of the dorsal. The Mbowe seem to have yellow on the edge of the dorsal. That appears to me to be the only difference between the two.
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