Marcelo Casacuberta, 1999
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Marcelo Casacuberta

last updated on 01-Jan-2000

Marcelo Casacuberta, from Montevideo, Uruguay, is a professional photographer working for the press. His interest for fish was born at the age of fifteen years. His current specialization is in cichlids, for which he is fascinated by their complex behavior and reproductive habits. His interest however is not limited to that family of fishes, as the native fishes of his country, plus Belonids and Silurids for part of his predilections. Marcelo is convinced that aquarists must play a roll in the conservation of endangered species, working as "Biological reserves" for threatened or even extinct (in the wild) species. For this end he thinks that tools like the Internet are very valuable to achieve a good coordination between them. Marcelo is author of several articles some of which have been published by T.F.H..

Cichlid work and contributions: