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Greg Steeves

United States
last updated on 16-Jan-2015

Known as "Gas" (his initials) to many of his friends, his real name is Greg Steeves and he is from New Brunswick, Canada. Being from the maritimes, along the Canadian Atlantic coast, Greg never was far from water. Ever since he can remember the ecology of both saline and freshwater environments always held great interest to him. Greg have kept multiple aquaria since an early age starting out with both tropical and native species. Greg have gone through many phases in the aquatic hobby before discovering the magical family Cichlidae. Cichlid behaviour, adaptiviness, and reproduction continues to fascinate him. Some years ago Greg became involved with the cichlids of Lake Victoria. Understanding the perils these fish faced served to bring his interest in these fish to a full fledged compulsion. He has been most fortunate to be involved with some knowlegable people, experts in their fields, that have given him guideance and taught him much. It is Greg goal to ensure that there are Lake Victoria cichlids in the hobby for his grandchildren to someday enjoy.

In 2002 Greg relocated to the USA and lives with his wife Lee Ann and their three children in southern Texas. Lee Ann and Greg are active in their local aquarium club, the Hill Country Cichlid Club ( and he is also a member of The Haplochromis Association ( They maintain a small fish building containing an ever growing compliment of cichlids from the Lake Victoria Region as well as an extensive collection of tropical catfish. Greg and Le Ann have a personal website that they maintain as an extension of their hobby at Greg fully enjoys the social aspects of the cichlid hobby. You are likely to find Lee Ann and him at various conventions and workshops across the USA.

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