Frode Numan, 2001
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Frode Numan

last updated on 29-Dec-2001

Frode Numan (Karel & Rudi Numan, 1968) is a biologist from the Netherlands. To be precise, he lives in a small town called Koedijk near the city of Alkmaar (which isn't very big eather). You might know Amsterdam, that's just 40 kilometers to the south of Koedijk.

Frode inherited the love for nature from his parents. The love for fish and especially aquaria was given to him by his grandfather. Ever since he was a little boy he had several aquaria. When he was nine years old the schoolteacher placed an aquarium in the classroom with Nannocara annomala. A little female chased two males around the 1.5 meter long tank while defending her young. From that day on Frode was hooked on cichlids. During his study at the University of Leiden he spent some time on studying the ecological morphology of cichlids. But cutting cichlids to pieces wasn't much of his liking.

Frode specialised on environmental biology, as he is very much interested in the interaction of humanity with the rest of nature. In a small and densely populated country as the Netherlands the impact of human live on nature is big. Frode spends lots of his time working with farmers who work on incorporating the protection of wildlife in their farming practices.

Frode works as an advisor at "blooming". His work only partially relates to biology. That's probably why caring for cichlids is his major hobby. And since 30th of August 2001 Frode is passing on his love for fish to his son Jurre. He too can hardly take his eye of the aquarium.

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