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Pam Chin

United States
last updated on 30-Nov-2022

Pam has been a tropical fish enthusiast for years and cichlids are her passion. The organized hobby has been a big part of her fish keeping and she enjoys the social aspect it offers. It has given her the opportunity to find the fish she desires, and to learn more about them. Over the years she has made lifelong fish friends and they have enriched her hobby as well.

Pam loves to travel to see cichlids in their native waters. She is proof that you do not have to be a diver or a photographer to have fun chasing cichlids. With many trips to both Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika she enjoys sharing stories and videos about these Cichlid Safaris on YouTube. Pam says, “It is really fun and such a joy to see fish in the wild that you have kept in your own aquarium(s). There is no doubt that being able to observe fish in their natural habitat has made me a better fish keeper.”

Pam is an Honorary Life Member of the Sacramento Aquarium Society, Pacific Coast Cichlid Association and the American Cichlid Association. She enjoys writing about her fish experiences and has been published in the Buntbarsche Bulletin, Cichlidae Communique, Cichlid News and aquarium societies from Australia to Sweden. She has received numerous writing awards from the ACA and FAAS, including “Best Continuing Column” and “Author of the Year.” She is most honored to be named a “Fellow” of the American Cichlid Association and the Cichlid Room Companion.

Pam is a founding member of “Babes In The Cichlid Hobby” where their goal is to make a difference in cichlid keeping. By raising money for Cichlid Conservation and Cichlid Research (Over $150,000.00 to date). She believes conservation is a must, and works as an advocate for cichlids at risk. In her own words, “Conservation is all about awareness and education.”

Along with her husband Gary, they are currently maintaining over 150 aquariums in their fish house filled with cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi and Central America. #luckycichlidgirl.

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