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Lisa Boorman

last updated on 18-Mar-2014

Lisa Boorman, from Ontario, Canada, has kept fish for more than 14 years. While there were fish in her home as she was growing up, it wasn't until 1990 that she decided to start keeping fish herself. She was drawn to the colourful and behaviourally interesting cichlids, almost from the start.

After discovering the cichlids from the Rift Lakes, she hungrily devoured everything she could find that was written about these fish and very quickly became very well informed on all the families and species from those lakes.

The allure from the other cichlid genera soon lured her to try West Africans and South and Central American species, and she is very well versed with these cichlids too. Always keeping other fish as well as cichlids, Lisa is very knowledgeable about all freshwater fishes. Lisa is a life-time member of A.C.A., executive member of Sarnia Aquarium Society (her local club), A.N.G.F.A. member, A.L.A. member, A.G.A. member, C.C.A. member, and N.A.N.F.A. member. Juggling a full-time job with her family (husband Ken and daughter Kathleen), and reading up on and keeping all the fish species she does, she is always kept busy and active.

Lisa for several years has maintained a wonderful home page about her hobby, Lisa's Lair.

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