George Reclos, 2004
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George Reclos

last updated on 27-Nov-2008

George Reclos was born in Athens, Greece in 1960. He obtained a degree in Pharmaceutics and a Ph.D. in Immunology followed by a post doc in Paris, France (Immunochimie analytique).

His two life time hobbies are photography (for the last 25 years) and fish keeping, since 1992. Starting with Betta spendens and Carassius auratus he moved in the world of Malawi cichlids in 1997 and Madagascan cichlids in 2002 thanks to the generosity of Jean Claude Nourissat and Patrick de Rham. The two hobbies were combined in a website, Malawi Cichlid Homepage (MCH), which was created back in 1998 along with Francesco Zezza (Italy) Patrizia Spinelli (Italy), Frank Panis (Belgium) and - later - Andreas Iliopoulos and John Reclos (Greece). He has published a number of articles in FAMA, TFH and other "fishy" journals.

George keeps 20 tanks at the moment, totaling 8.000 liters housing mostly Madagascan cichlids. In 2008 his old site, Malawi Cichlid Homepage was renamed to MCHPortal, which aims in becoming a place for all fishkeepers. George has kept more than 150 freshwater species of fish belonging to different families (Anabantidae, Botiidae, Callichthyidae, Cichlidae, Cyprinidae, Doradidae, Mochokidae, Loricariidae, Osphronemidae, Poeciliidae and Pimelodidae). Over the years he has successfully bred more than 80 species which include loricariids and 50 species of cichlids (amongst them 8 Madagascan species). He has kept and propagated a number of different freshwater plants in various setups. For a period of time tropical and temperate (Mediterranean) marine species were of interest too; these included fish, Cephalopods, invertebrates and corals.

As a favorable side effect, largely due to MCH, George came to know some great people in this hobby like Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, Michael Oliver, Paul Loiselle, Patrick de Rham, Jean Claude Nourissat, Michael Negrini, Sonia Guinane and Dave Tourle, Anton Lamboj, Ian Fuller, Hans-Georg Evers and Jules Dignal (among others) who only helped him become a better hobbyist.

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