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Anita Maccio

last updated on 22-Sep-2003

Anita Maccio has been passionate by aquariums by a some years now. Among the fish that she keeps those that she likes the most are Pelvicachromis pulcher, Mikrogeophagus altispinosus and Botia macracantha. When she decides to keep any fish she first try to inform herself on books and above all on the Internet, about their requirements, behavior, and in short all the information regarding the fish.

What Anita looks for and she likes to read are the personal experiences of other enthusiast hobbyists, whether positive or negative, regardless she agrees or not with them, on the fish she wants. She thinks that the direct experience teach us something in every case beyond reading the general card written by those who see the fish in question only in pictures. It's for this reason that she has begun to translate, initially for her personal use, the experiences of hobbyist written in English, and then she places the translations on her home page and here in the Cichlid Room Companion. She thinks that this will help those Italians that doesn't have a proficiency in reading english so they don't have break their brain.

Anita keeps a wonderful personal homepage at

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