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Don Danko

United States
last updated on 29-Dec-2022

Don Danko has kept cichlids for many years, breeding many rare species, including several that were first U.S.A. spawnings. He keeps a mix of new world and Lake Tanganyika cichlids in his current fish room which has an automatic water change system. His wife, Marilyn, also enjoys keeping fish and has a passion for breeding Ancistrus catfish species. Don has been involved in several aspects of the cichlid hobby, including writing articles, speaking, taking photographs, holding club offices, and most recently, editing.

Don has collected extensively throughout Mexico since 1987, from Linares and Cuatro Cienegas to Bonampak. He has visited Costa Rica as well.

He has written a number of articles for magazines such as the American Cichlid Association’s Buntbarsche Bulletin, Cichlid News, Amazonas, and the Ohio Cichlid Association’s Buckeye Bulletin. Don is an accomplished nature photographer that has amassed an extensive collection of cichlid pictures as well as of other animals. Many of his photographs have appeared in both fish and nature-specialized magazines. He has contributed many of them to the Cichlid Room Companion.

For the past year, Don has acted as the editor of Cichlid News Magazine. In addition, he served as guest editor for two special issues of the ACA’s Buntbarsche Bulletin, one featuring all Tanganyika articles and one featuring New World articles.

Don has held leadership positions in the Ohio Cichlid Association for many years and has served on the BOT and Cadre of the American Cichlid Association. Don is currently engaged in helping to promote events for both the OCA and ACA.

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