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Josh Cunningham

United States
last updated on 09-Oct-2018
Josh Cunningham

Josh Cunningham has been keeping and breeding African Cichlids for almost 20 years. He started with African Cichlids from Lake Malawi and a couple for Lake Victoria in a 400 sq ft basement. During this time, he was mainly breeding four to five different kinds of cichlids and trading the fry back to the pet store for food and filter media. At some point a decision was made to move to a different area and a bigger house. Once the move was completed he was without cichlids for a couple of years and then acquired a 55 gallon tank. Once the tank was setup and stocked, multiple tank syndrome kicked in again. He then expanded on some different species and kept a few tanks on the main floor of his house. At this point, he decided he wanted a fishroom in the basement, designs were made, tanks, and fish were purchased and a 'Fish Alcoholic" was born. His fishroom today has 94 tanks ranging from 15 to 180 gallons and in total is over 5,000 gallons.

To date he has spawned over 140+ kinds of African Cichlids from all three rift lakes and has achieved master breeder status in the Michigan Cichlid Association and Ohio Cichlid Association. He was also named Grand Champion breeder of the American Cichlid Association in 2015 for most spawns in a year. He spends his time in the fishroom doing water changes, tank maintenance, and working with different species. In addition, he also run a business called Cunningham Cichlids, LLC Josh served fours years on the Michigan Cichlid Association Board of Directors while holding President for three years and was Co-Chairmen of the 2017 American Cichlid Association Convention that took place on July 13-16 in Novi, Michigan. Before that Josh also served on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Cichlid Association for two years and now serves on the Board of Directors for the American Cichlid Association and is also the Data Coordinator for the CARES Preservation Program.

Josh currently speaks about "The Evolution of his Fishroom" and "Breeding Setups for African Rift Lake Cichlids".

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