Robert Marcel, 2004
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Robert Marcel

last updated on 20-Nov-2004

Robert MARCEL was born 1958 and has been an aquarist since the age of ten. As a child he was successful reproducing viviparous fishes. Around 1988, he began to take a special interest in the cichlids of Africa. Since then, the passion for them has not leave him. He deals with Cichlids of the Great lakes of Africa, of which he has raised many species over the years. This interest eventually led, in 1998,to share his passion on the web with Michael Negrini with whom he created the site cichlidaefr[/url">. He manages about thirty aquariums which account for about 5,000 liters on the whole.Additionally, he is involved in an aquaristic association in Blagnac near Toulouse (France) and create another website [url="">

He has written articles for the bulletin of the French Cichlid Association, of which he is member since more than 11 years.

Cichlid work and contributions: