Cichlid Room Companion

Julien Ruiz

last updated on 28-Jun-2015

Julien Ruiz, Saulosi84 on the web, lives in the southern part of France and found out about cichlids about 8 years ago. He started keeping them in a 500 liters tank. Then Julien got more tanks at home and now he has 15 tanks ranging from 80 to 880 liters. Julien mainly keeps mbunas and for a few months he has been keeping Tanganyikan cichlids. Julien started to make pictures of his cichlids about 6 years ago with a small Nikon coolpix 755 camera, which allowed him to make nice pictures for two years. After that he got a Sony F17, and a few months later a Nikon D70. Many of his nice pics can be seen in Philippe Burnel's website.

In January 2004 he created a french cichlid forum
( which is very active and the only one in the world to show maps of geographic distribution of species illustraded by Koning's pics.

Cichlid work and contributions: