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Michi Tobler

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Michi Tobler, from St. Gallen, Switzerland now living in Norman, Oklahoma, US was born in 1980 in Switzerland. His interest in cichlids started in High School, when he mainly kept species from the African Rift Valley. While studying differences in reproductive behavior, the function of egg spots and the significance of color polymorphisms in mbuna from Lake Malawi, a deeper interest in biology grew steadily. In an internship with Prof. J. Lamprecht at the famous Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology, he was introduced in the scientific way of studying fish.

In 1998, the classical book "Die Buntbarsche Amerikas" of Rainer Stawikowski and Uwe Werner aroused the interest in Central American fish. Ever since then, he keeps mainly cichlids and poeciliids from this geographical area. Due to limited space, he mainly focused on the behavior and ecology of the smaller species (mainly genus Archocentrus). On several trips to Costa Rica, Mexico and the US, he also got to know the natural life and habitats of Central American fish.

His professional background includes the study of biology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), from which he graduated with special emphasis on aquatic ecology, behavioral ecology, biosystematics, evolutionary biology and population biology in 2004. His current bread and butter research concentrates on the Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) and the Cave molly (a population of P. mexicana). He is especially interested how parasites and diseases influence the behavior, ecology and evolution of the fish. Michi Tobler is author of several articles in hobbyist's magazines and scientific journals.

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