Thomas Andersen, 2005
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Thomas Andersen

last updated on 12-May-2014

Born in 1974 in Aarhus, Denmark and currently resides in Vordingborg with his wife and two children. Thomas has been an aquarist since early childhood, and got his first cichlids at the age of ten, and quickly got an interest in the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, keeping various species of shell- and cave dwellers, Tropheus etc. Has been specialized in the sand-dwelling cichlids of Lake Tanganyika for 20 years, keeping and breeding most of the species. He has for the past 6-7 years been interested in the species of Xenotilapia occuring in deepwater, and also branched the interest out to other deepwater species like Trematocara, Bathybates and various limnochromines. Currently maintains a fishroom with around 7000 liters of water.

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