Christophe de Medeiros, 2009
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Christophe de Medeiros

last updated on 09-Feb-2006

Christophe de Medeiros was born in 1962 in Bagneux, France and raises cichlids since 25 years ago. He begun with Mbunas, then followed with Central American cichlids. After a two years break without any tanks, he started a new experience with Tanganyikan cichlids for 4 years, until he finally read, in 1993, an article by Yves Fermon & Olivier Berthelot on the Lake Victoria cichlids. It was then the beginning of a real addiction to this brightly colored haplochromines. Christophe visited with Olivier Berthelot the Leiden university and really enjoyed to meet sone of the better known Victoria cichlids scientists, like F. Witte.

Christophe feels a need to know more and more about this group of fishes and their biology in their natural environment. He wrote several articles for the French Cichlid Association magazine and belongs to the Haplochromis Association where the aim is to widespread the knowledge and interchanges between Victoria cichlids lovers. Christophe hopes to make more and more people fall in love with the lake Victoria cichlids.

Cichlid work and contributions: