Patrick Anthony Dessens, 2006
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Patrick Anthony Dessens

last updated on 14-Mar-2006

Patrick Anthony Dessens lives in Belem, Brazil, at the Amazon river delta. patrick just learned about cichlids a little over a year ago. He however got deeply caught by them and it has turned into an information hunger for his new passion, Rift Lake Cichlids. Albeit the water from his apartment is soft, acid and containing high levels of ammonia, he has pursued into keeping the Rift lake Cichlids by means of transporting suitable water that can be found near his work site.

Imagine the hassle of carrying every ten days 90 liters of water in his car, then into a shopping cart and finally up to his apartment, where he pours it (after treatment) manually into his tanks. This labor of love however has limited him in maintaining just two aquariums (a 70 and a 200 liters), at least so far.

Living in the North-Eastern of Brazil a tank with South-American Cichlids would have been more proper but when Patrick first started with Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids he wasn't aware of their existence! Now it is too late to trade his Rift Lake Cichlids, as abandoning them is beyond consideration.

Although Patrick does not have a background education in biology or ichthyology, this doesn't mean that this will never happen. On the contrary, these last few months he has been looking intensively for certificate or degree courses, probably university or distance learning, as he hopes to increase his knowledge significantly in this way.