Fabien Naneix, 2005
Cichlid Room Companion

Fabien Naneix

French Guiana
last updated on 19-Mar-2006

Fabien Naneix was born in 1977 in Guéret, France. Since he was young he felt the need to know more and more about nature, his interest is now focused on the fishes and some plants like orchids and sedges. Thus, he has made the choice to work as a biology teacher and move to French Guyana where, since 2002, he can meet neotropical frogs, fishes, orchids... in their natural environment.

Fabien belongs to the French Cichlid Association and has wrote several articles for the magazine of his association. He has built, with the help of Jean-Sébastien Roux, the web site which is a gallery of pictures about the nature of the Guyanas.

Cichlid work and contributions: