Cichlid Room Companion

Seiichi Hamada

last updated on 28-Jun-2015

Seiichi Hamada is a civil engineer living in Osaka, Japan and has kept and bred Central and south american cichlid for about 30 years. He carrently maintains 50 aquariums (about 10,000 liters in total). Seiichi is the author of several articles and photographs that have appeared in several Japanese aquarium magazines. Seiichi has imported fishes into Japan for over 30 times to help the Japanese hobby to obtain new species. He has introduced many central and south american cichlids for the first time into Japan. Seiichi has exported several new species of Cichla into the United States, helping to create a new boom for these species into that country.

Seiichi loves all animals and has been a top Japanese dog breeder for over 10 years.

Cichlid work and contributions: