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Magdalena Kwolek-Mirek

last updated on 23-Jan-2014

Magdalena Kwolek Mirek lives in Tarnow, Poland. She is a biologist working at Rzeszów University where she investigates influence of free radicals in yeast cells. Her passion are the cichlids from lake Tanganyika, which she has been breeding with her husband Przemyslaw for a few years. She loves to observe fish through the lens of her camera, resulting in many beautiful pictures which can be found in several Polish aquarist magazines as well as her website:

Magdalena works in the editorial team of "Tanganika Magazyn", the only Polish periodical about Tanganyika. She is also a member of "Projekt Tanganika", an organisation designed to popularize knowledge about the inhabitants of her favourite lake.

Cichlid work and contributions: