Mike Wise, 2007
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Mike Wise

United States
last updated on 12-Nov-2007

Mike Wise lives in Denver, Colorado. He has had a special interest in the dwarf cichlids of South America, particularly the genus Apistogramma, for over 30 years. Activities in the hobby include holding virtually every position in the Colorado Aquarium Society at one time or another. Mike has been a member of the ACA since 1982. Until its demise, he was the technical editor for the Apistogramma Study Group. He has articles published in the Buntbarsche Bulletin (ACA), Apisto-gram (ASG), Cichlid News, as well as local and regional aquarium society newsletters. He translated into English three German books on dwarf cichlids, plus parts of Cichlid Atlas 2 for the author, and was on the team that produced the DATZ Special Publication S├╝damerikanische Zwergcichliden/South American Dwarf Cichlids. He has also been a speaker on dwarf cichlids at ACA national conventions and at local and regional aquarium clubs in the U.S. and Europe. He is active on dwarf cichlid internet forums in the U.S. and Germany. His present interests include keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids and pencilfishes, and the identification and phylogeny of Apistogramma species.

Cichlid work and contributions: