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Joerg Albering

last updated on 31-Dec-2007

Joerg Albering was born in 1966 in Germany, he studied chemistry and biology at the university of Muenster. Joerg obtained his PhD in 1994 and worked at the Graz University of Technology and at the Hoechst AG. Since 2001 he is occupied at the TU Graz as a full professor for chemistry and materials science.

Joerg career as an aquarist began in 1976 with a small 60 liters tank and a pair of Pelvicachromis pulcher. Since that time he has kept mainly cichlids from south and central america, western africa and Madagascar. Nowadays the 60 tanks in his house range from 20 to 6,500 liters, which all together sum up a total volume of about 28 m3 of water.

Recently Joerg main focus are the cichlids from south america (mostly Geophagus), albeit he still keeps a lot of madagascan and tilapiine cichlids. Joerg has published a number of articles on cichlids in various journals (DCG Informationen, Aquarium Live, Aquaristik and more).

Joerg loves to travel and to visit the natural habitats of cichlids. He has already done collecting trips to Benin, Bolivia and French Guyana.

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