Cichlid Room Companion

David Herlong

United States
last updated on 01-Jan-2000

David Herlong began keeping fish in an aquarium over 30 years ago. He started out with goldfish from his grandmother's pond and native sunfishes. Soon he discovered cichlids (New World Species) before the invasion of the African rift lake cichlids caught his eye. Since then he has kept mostly African cichlids but also enjoys catfishes, rainbow fishes, and tetras. From his boyhood interest in fish he went on to get college degrees in aquatic biology and has worked conducting aquatic environmental impact studies.

His interest in cichlids has taken him to Lake Malawi, the Peruvian Amazon and Honduras to observe and collect cichlids. He has also visited aquarists, aquarium shops, importers and breeders in Belgium, England, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. David has spoken at numerous aquarium societies across the US and in Europe. His articles about cichlids have appeared in Buntbarsche Bulletin and Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine.

As member of the American Cichlid Association (ACA) since 1974, David has held several offices including Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ACA Book Sales Chairman, and currently is Editor of Buntbarsche Bulletin, the journal of the American Cichlid Association. He is also a Fellow of the ACA.

Cichlid work and contributions: