Rico Morgenstern, 2013
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Rico Morgenstern

last updated on 14-Jan-2014

Rico Morgenstern was born at Christmas Eve in 1974 in Germany (then GDR) and still lives there. The aquatic life has fascinated him since he was a small boy. At his 8th birthday he got his first aquarium, a tiny glass with two Goldfishes. His first cichlids were Pterophyllum scalare, which he got in 1985, but his real love for the Cichlidae family started in 1987, when he kept a pair of Jewel Fishes (Hemichromis guttatus), which was the first species to demonstrate their interesting breeding behavior under his care. He is now most interested in Central American and riverine African Cichlids, and as a consequence of that, in the African freshwater fish fauna as a whole.

At about the end of the 1980s he developed a special interest for reading the hobby literature, which was later extended to study popular scientific and finally scientific articles to get as much information as possible on the fishes that he keeps or is interested in. Rico started to publish his own articles in 2006 and he hopes to extend such activities.

Cichlid work and contributions: