George Markadakis, 2008
Cichlid Room Companion

George Markadakis

United States
last updated on 08-Mar-2009

George Markadakis got the New World Cichlid bug since he was about 10 years old. He remember his first pair of Convicts he and his father bought at the local fish store in their neighborhood. He remember the day they spawned and how amazed they were that they would attack them through the glass if they got too close. They were all amazed at this and couldn't understand why they didn't eat the fry. Since that first slate bottom tank his father and he bought in 1978 George have been enjoying these fish.

Many years later in his own house , with his own son they still enjoy these fish. They have gone from one tank to a fish room now with about 16 tanks. Still every time they see the fish getting ready to spawn they still get a thrill and the same feeling of excitement. The only difference now instead of two of them, when his dad comes to visit and they show him all the fish spawning in all the tanks, there are three of them watching in amazement! George, his son and his dad! And in one tank, they still have a pair of Convicts! That is what this hobby has meant to them over the years.