Mack Emmons, 2009
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Mack Emmons

United States
last updated on 06-Apr-2009

Mack Emmons is a young aquarist that has been keeping cichlids since 2007. In this time he has devoted much of his life to learning about this fascinating family of fishes. His interests in cichlids began with the African Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, but his focus has recently shifted to South American Geophagine species, specifically species of the Gymnogeophagus genus.

Mack shows a great interest in the taxonomy of fishes, particularly cichlids, and is currently studying to become an Ichthyologist. He is also an officer and active member in the Oklahoma Aquarium Association.

He is the founder of The Gymnogeophagus Study Group, a group dedicated to the furthering of the genus through supporting research projects, and providing information to the public about Gymnogeophagine species.

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