Kim Bagge Pedersen,
Cichlid Room Companion

Kim Bagge Pedersen

last updated on 06-Nov-2020

Kim Pedersen has a passion for the cichlids of the Haplochromini group, especially the ones from Lake Victoria and the satellite lakes around it. Several times he has travelled to Uganda, in order to photograph, document and collect dna samples from known and unknown cichlids. Despite having a degree in biology, Kim himself does not work professionally with cichlids. Instead he collaborates with dr. Seehausen at the EAWAG institute in Switzerland, to whom he contributes with his findings from Uganda.
During his fieldwork, Kim has been able to collect several new and undescribed species, which of some has been released out into the hobby. By writing articles, posting pictures and doing talks, he hope to open up some eyes, for these beautiful and underrated cichlids.

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