Marzenna Kielan, 2001
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Marzenna Kielan

last updated on 15-Feb-2015

Marzenna Kielan is a teacher of a secondary school and as Ron Coleman she is absolutely sure that there is always a reason to teach students about cichlids, doesn't matter if it is Biology, Geography or English lesson. She graduated from University of Warsaw but as in many cases that moment wasn't the end of her study. One of the most fascinating faculty which she has been studying as a hobbyist is all knowledge connected with cichlids. As she calls herself she is a cichlid-nuts and most of her spare time she spends taking care of the cichlids from Malawi Lake, which she keeps in her tank. She reads about cichlids, writes about cichlids and learns about cichlids almost all the time. She has infected with her passion all her family. In her opinion being able to be close to those beautiful hobby means to understand a bit the most wonderful secret of Nature - the secret of life and evolution. Marzenna Kielan is a co-founder of Polskie Malawi, the biggest Polish website created as a tribute to Malawi Cichlids. She is an author of several articles which you can find at

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