Lee Nuttall, 2014
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Lee Nuttall

United Kingdom
last updated on 01-Jan-2015

Lee been keeping tropical fish since the early 1980’s. His interest keeping Central American cichlids began with the aquarium introduction of a Herichthys carpintis and finally pairing and spawning Thorichthys meeki. Watching the spawning interactions and parental care of these two cichlids in the confines of a glass box influenced his enthusiasm in keeping and spawning as many species that were available to him.

Lee's interest in aquascaping and biotopes helped him expand his hobby further, by trying to re-create as natural environment as possible to keep his fish, where he has gained a bit of a cult following in inspiring other Central American cichlids hobbyists to decorate their aquariums as naturally as possible.

His other passion of photography has given him the opportunity to document many species he have kept and spawned and also to show how he aquascapes many of his aquariums through articles he have written for Practical Fishkeeping Magazine and other worldwide club journals.

Currently Lee maintains 3 large display tanks, all with Central American cichlids. He also self publish a 40 page magazine called “The Central Scene” dedicated to keeping centrals exclusively and currently in the proceedings of publishing a book titled “North & Central American Cichlids in the Display Aquarium.”.

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