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Lothar Seegers

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German Lothar Seegers (1947 - August 6 2018), was a German biologist and aquarist who described 21 killifish species, including 2 genera, Diapteron and Paranothobranchius, and studied notably Nothobranchius, lampeyes and Peru fauna (before a cichlid and catfish re-focus). A teacher in biology, he was a remarkable fish morphologist, his work culminating in his thesis "The fishes of the Lake Rukwa drainage" in 1996. He was a fine breeding aquarist and photographer, too (having authored the pictorial Aqualog series of books) and an expert collector and biologist in East Africa.

Two killifish species were dedicated to him: Aphyosemion (Diapteron) seegersi Huber, 1978. Nothobranchius seegersi Valdesalici & Kardashev, 2011.

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