Ike Peng, 2010
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Ike Peng

last updated on 28-May-2010

Before 2005 Ike Peng, from China, was still a person without any interest in aquariums and he still didn't have any idea that it would become a passion for him, and finally become a profession.

Ike graduated from Peking University in 2000, one of the best universities in China, majoring in International Economics & Trade. After graduating he found a good, decent job in a multi-national company, in a position of Brand Manager in the Marketing Department. But things changed since 2005 when a good friend gave him one of his little turtles, because they fought fiercely in his tank. Ike then began to indulge himself in the world of aquarium and tropical fish.

Ike acknowleged that the aquarium hobby keeps growing fast in mainland China in the recent decades, but that there is still a big gap between China and the rest of the world; on knowledge, trend, as well as the fish/plants they keep. There is a huge potential for improvement. So, In 2008, Ike quit his job and established his own company, AQUABABIE, to import and wholesale aquarium books and tropical fish (currently mainly African Lake Cichlids) from all over the world into mainland China.

Ike vision is to build up AQUABABIE to be one of the most professional aquarium companies in mainland China, by introducing professional aquarium information, books, products, fish, plants and aquarium concepts in China, and helping the Chinese hobbyists to catch up with the trend of the world more quickly. AQUABABIE will become the major bridge between mainland China and the world.

Cichlid work and contributions: