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Bojan Dolenc

last updated on 18-Jun-2010

Bojan Dolenc (3-Nov-1952) is native of Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia). He is interested in aquatic life and particularly fishes since childhood. Aquariums are his primary activity for nearly 40 years now. When he was just 10 years old he illegally keep bitterlings, freshwater clams and snails in a five liters jar. His first aquarium came a few years later. After basic school he started to study biology. He was co-founder of "Aquarist Society Ljubljana" (1977) and chief editor of its gazette "AKVARIST". At that time he also begun publishing aquarium and terrarium articles for some Slovenian magazines and periodicals (PROTEUS, My Dog, My Little World etc.).

Always concerned with animals and nature; he also published his first book in Slovenian language "SAMI NAREDIMO AKVARIJ" ("DIY aquarium") back in 1977. At that time he successfully spawned and did research on the behavior of native three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). He published his research results in the magazine PROTEUS.

At that time he kept aquariums and terrariums in his apartment and also in in basement. Later he way employed in the basic school in Ljubljana, where he was the caretaker of the school's large vivarium. He became known as "Fishdoktor" among European aquarists and biologists.

Very early in life Bojan recognized his special love and interest for cichlids (all of them, but only natural forms!).

Bojan established his own company AQUA VITA d.o.o., Biotop aquaristic and teraristic ( Bojan gives consulting, setting-up and supplies aquariums (and started in Slovenia to also maintain large marine aquariums) in public and private buildings. AQUA VITA also produces his own salts formula for aquarium water and medicines for fishes. At the moment AQUA VITA is culturing some rare live fish foods (microalge, planktonic rotifers, brachionus, freshwater artemia-s, copepods, blackworms etc.). AQUA VITA has also spawned and propagated many rare and difficult freshwater, brackish and even some coral marine fishes, shrimps, invertebrates and plants.

In his free time Bojan is working on ecological problems, protection of native habitats, but specially on the problem of invasive organisms and fishes from pet shops, our aquariums and in nature worldwide. At the moment he keeps many african and american cichlids in more than 30 biotope aquariums at home in Ljubljana, but also some rare and endarged native coldwater fishes (e.g. Leucaspius delineatus, Umbra krameri, etc.) as well as freshwater shrimps and clams.

Bojan is very active in many internet forums at home and worldwide. He is the administrator of the first and oldest Slovene internet page for more than 10 years now and Some years ago Bojan also co-founded the Slovene Society of Conscious Vivarium Keepers (AKVAVIVA).

Cichlid work and contributions:

Bojan collecting aquatic life in his native Slovenia
Bojan collecting aquatic life in his native Slovenia