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Wayne Leibel

United States
last updated on 01-Dec-2022

Wayne Leibel (1951-2021), was a well-known American aquarist specializing in South American Cichlids. His numerous and classic articles on South American Cichlids appeared in various publications, including Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, Aquarium Fish Magazine, Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Buntbarshe Bulletin. Wayne is known for his two popular columns, "Wayne's New World", which appears monthly in Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and "Goin' South - Cichlids of the Americas", which has long been going in Aquarium Fish Magazine.

Wayne was long been involved in the organized hobby. He was for seven years the editor of "Buntbarsche bulletin", and in recent years, he has been awarded as a "fellow" of the American Cichlid Association, the maximum honor this organization gives. Wayne also founded the South American Cichlids Study Group, a specialized group that has been around for many years, and publishes the "Acara" bulletin.

Wayne has also given an interview in July 1997 for the purpose of this page.

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