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John D. Haseman

Dernière mise à jour le 17-août-2010

John D. Haseman was a paid field collector for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History during the years of 1907-1910. He graduated from Indiana University in 1905, taught from 1905-1906 and then in 1906. as a graduate student, was recommended by his professor, Carl H. Eigenmann to go on a South American expedition. He had previously gone on an expedition to Cuba with Dr. Eigenmann and then under Eigenmann’s guidance he went again on his own to Cuba at a later date. He was recommended by Dr. Eigenmann to go on a South American biological expedition after Eigenmann could not take the trip himself. Haseman’s expedition for the Carnegie consisted of ten individual trips lasting from one to 8 months each. J. D. Haseman reportedly died in May 1969, at his residence in Linton, Indiana.

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