Alfred Leyendecker, 2003
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Alfred Leyendecker

last updated on 01-Jan-1997

Alfred Leyendecker was born in Mayschoss, Germany in 1952, in the wonderful Ahr valley, where he lives with his family in a mostly self built big house with a wonderful large garden. Alfred is married to Gisela and they have four children: Klaus; 18 years, Kathrin; 6 years, Philipp; 3 years and the little Maurice; 5 months.

Alfred studied chemistry and specialized in food chemistry and accomplished his doctor degree in 1981. At the moment he works at University in Bonn (Germany).

Alfred loves his family, nature, an intact environment and his hobby. Since he was 6 years old he was interested in fish and newts from his region. He got his first larger tank when he reached 10 years of age. During that time he took care of fish like: Uaru amphiacanthoides, Thorichthys meeki and Hypsophrys nicaraguensis.

Since 1978 his favorite fish are from Lake Tanganyika. At the moment he have 18 tanks in different sizes in the cellar. The largest is in the living room with 2500 litres. In the garden he has two big ponds with filters and a little stream 14 meters long, which connect the ponds. The upper pond is a plant pond. In the other pond he keeps Japanese Koi.

He got more involved in his hobby when he meet his good friend Josef Bertram, the best wholesaler for Japanese koi in Europe and the best it is, he lives only 10 km from his house.

During the last years he has obtained a lot of interesting contacts around the world: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, Jessica Miller from USA, Christian Alfredsson from Sweden, Alfred is a member of his staff in Tropheus info home page. Paolo Salvagiani from Italy, a very good friend, who visited him with his friends one summer a few years ago. Eric Genevelle from France, with whom he maintains a good deal of correspondence. Mikael Karlsson from African Diving. He has also met a lot of aquarists which most of them become very good friends: Josef Bertram from Germany, Klaus Landsberg from Germany, Michael Näf from Switzerland, Volker Puttberg from Germany, Daryl Williams from Canada, Egon Wisberg from Germany and many, many others.

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