谢云 Seven Xie, 2010
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谢云 Seven Xie

last updated on 12-Nov-2010

Seven Xie (谢云), from china, was interested in fishes since he was a child. With a strong fascination for fishes, Seven Xie choose the biological science as his major when he was admitted to the Sun-Yat Sen University in 2006, one of the best universities in China.

During his university time, many practices and experiments gave him a comprehensive knowledge of fishes. Additionally, he took part in several important fish farming projects, all of which obtained good results.

After graduating from Sun-Yat Sen University in 2010, he found a good job in a multi-national company in the sales department. Despite that he didn’t choose to continue his studies, he continues his research on fishes.

Cichlid work and contributions: