Cichlid Room Companion

Audrey Marquis

last updated on 03-Dec-2002

Audrey Marquis is a hobbyist from Quebec province, Canada. She combines her hobby with her veterinary medicine studies, appreciating the moments of relaxation offered by fishkeeping.

She discovered Tanganyikan cichlids two years ago, and the passion is still growing. She is now what we could call a purist, looking for the purest lines of cichlids, F1 and possibly F0 in a near future. For now she maintains only dwarf cichlids such as shelldwellers and Julidochromis/Telmatochromis, and she has a preference for special species and varieties. She plans to acquire larger and rarer Tanganyikan cichlids as soon as possible, but for now her small tanks do not offer enough space to maintain correctly these species.

Sharing her newly acquired experience with cichlids via website such as Cichlid Room Companion or conferences at the local Aquarium Societies is what keeps her passion alive.

Cichlid work and contributions: