Mary Bailey, 2001
Cichlid Room Companion

Mary Bailey

United Kingdom
last updated on 01-Jan-2015

Mary Bailey started keeping fishes many years ago and joined the British Cichlid Association in 1972, serving on the committee since 1982, initially as Technical Editor, and as Treasurer since 1990. She began writing professionally in 1986 and regularly contributes to Cichlid News, Practical Fishkeeping and Aquarist and Pondkeeper magazines. She has also contributed to several books including Enjoying Cichlids (1993) and the Cichlids Yearbook series, and was recently voted Practical Fishkeeping magazine's "Favorite Fishkeeping Writer, 1994". Her last book, which she authored together with Gina Sandford is titled "The Ultimate Aquarium" and was published by Anness Publishers, UK in 1995.

Cichlid work and contributions: