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Kjell Nilsson

last updated on 28-Jun-2015
Kjell Nilsson

Kjell Nilsson lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he was also born. He started with aquariums at the age of 14 and since then he has always kept fishes (every single day), so he now has been at it for 42 years!

Since his main interest relies on photography, keeping also aquariums has given the obvious results: Aquarium photography!

Kjell has written several articles about keeping fishes in a Swedish aquarium magazine over the years. He have done a few slide shows and illustrated many articles written by other authors.

The fishes that Kjell mostly keep are cichlids (If he could choose, he I chooses west african ones), killis and occasionally wild forms of livebearers.

In recent years he has tried to make some sites in the Internet, one about West African cichlids, one about killis and one about aquarium photography (all in the Swedish language). The latest one is a Gallery of Aquarium pictures (In English).

Cichlid work and contributions: