Lee Ann Steeves, 1997
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Lee Ann Steeves

United States
last updated on 08-Sep-1997

Lee Ann Steeves, after having a small community tank as a child, Lee Ann finally re-entered the hobby a few years ago with a betta in a small bowl, which led to the betta being moved to a small tank, and more fish being added to the tank. The betta eventually died, so a new fish was added, the angelfish. It grew, and a larger tank was needed. More fish were added. The fish bug had caught hold.

While searching the web for information on her fish, she came across African cichlids and was intrigued, especially with one little shell-dweller, Neolamprologus multifasciatus. Since the water in central Texas, USA, where she lives, is perfect for African cichlids, she decided to get some.

With very little practical experience in fishkeeping, Lee Ann was enjoying the success of her first attempt at keeping and breeding African cichlids. These fish have continued to breed for her without significant interruption. Since then, she has filled a 55-gallon tank with various Malawian cichlids which she hopes to breed, including Labidochromis caeruleus, Aulonocara sp. "Mbenji", Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan", and Pseudotropheus saulosi.

Cichlid work and contributions: