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Michal Pregowski

Dernière mise à jour le 25-févr.-2001
Michal Pregowski

Michal Pregowski is a public relations & communication technician, finishing his journalism studies at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Developing his love for the fish since baby years, Michal became a true hobbyist in 1995. Crazy fan of Lake Tanganyika cichlids since 1998. An enthusiast of the Internet, thanks to which he was able to gather appropriate knowledge and make friends with other fish-nuts in Poland and around the world.

Being proud of his fish and founding a constant pleasure in learning new things, Michal sometimes calls the hobby his second faculty. He is a co-founder of Serwis Tanganikanski, the first and the biggest Polish website about the fauna of Lake Tanganyika. Adequately to the subject of his true studies, Michal pays attention to the matter of Polish language. Nowadays one of his goals is to have a contribution in giving Tanganyikan cichlids proper Polish names. Michal's biggest dream is a Tanganyikan fish named after him.

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