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Karen Sabolcik

United States
last updated on 22-Jul-1996
Karen Sabolcik

Karen Sabolcik first got into fish when she was 11 years old. Her first fish were livebearers which she bred. She also had a salt water tank. Amongst fish, She has bred various pets since she was a small tot. There were many years when she did not keep any fish but she got back into it in the beginning of the 90's. Karen re-started with bettas and paradise fish with breezing. She also kept a few different kinds of common African cichlids, the kind they love to label as assorted. Karen also kept as pets other kinds too.

One day, Karen read about discus fish. She became extremely interested in the breeding behavior of these beautiful fish and started to read more in between the fish she had keeping her busy with their spawnings. At that point, Karen only had seen black and white pictures of discus fish and thought they had no coloration. Nonetheless, she still wanted some. Karen spent time trying to find them to no avail. Then one day, her husband came home with a bag. Karen put down the fry she was transferring to look. He seemed proud of this bag so she just HAD to see what it was. Karen opened the bag to find a HUGE brown discus fish in it. She was so excited, almost dropping the poor thing. She then hurried to put this prize into a tank forgetting to even thank the hubby for hid great gift. She stared at it for hours.

A couple days passed, and the hubby broght home another bag. She was again doing the fry thing, and was told to look. So she did hoping it was another discus. Upon opening the bag, Karen almost fell onto a tank when she saw BLUE colored discus inside, Little babies. I screamed literally (the poor hubby's ears) and shouted "They come in color! These discus are blue! OH my Gawd their BLUE!". Quickly after the shock left, Karen put them in with the brown. There they grew in harmony and lived with her angel fish she had for 6 months. They were always attracting attention from the visitors. But a mishap happened after like 3 months having them. The plague came in with another fish her hubby put into the tank for a surprise. Karen almost gave up on the fish falling for their rumor about sensitivity. But the spouse pushed her on. Said she knew too much to give up. He took her to a pet store, bought two asian red royal blues, and she reared them well. In between Karen bought other to rear also. The red royal blue female was the first one that paired and bred for her.

Ever since then she has been into discus, eventually getting rid of all other fish. She assures you never have enough discus or enough tanks so OUT with the rest :) Karen have now a small central system for paring and rearing and she is expanding also to make room for yet MORE discus. Karen even has a pond indoors to rear fry. If you think she is obsessed! She just got back from Asia to look for discus breeders and she recalls it as an experience she will always remember. "As each day and each experience goes by more about this wonderful fish is known,like the things we take for granted... the natural behavior of the discus fish". The thing that got her hooked on them to begin with :).

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