Christian Hofer,
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Christian Hofer

last updated on 18-Mar-2014

Christian is 40 years old. Since early childhood he was influenced by his father into the aquarium hobby, and he has the developed a love for the Central and South American cichlids from him.

Since his youth he has been an active member of the German Cichlid Association (DCG - Deutsche Cichliden Gesellschaft) and at the age of 18 he made his first trip to Central America. In the past 22 years he made numerous trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Cuba. From the repeated visits to these countries he always brought back fish to Germany. But the observation of animals in their native habitat was always at the forefront. His goal is to offer the most closely natural conditions to the species kept in his tanks.

At the moment he has about 30 tanks with a total volume of 20,000 liters.

In addition to the conservation of the species in nature and the securing of the stock in the aquarium he also works against environmental destruction and introduced fauna.

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