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Alf Stalsberg

last updated on 02-Jul-1997
Alf Stalsberg

Alf Stalsberg, Norwegian cichlid aquarists' flag, is the best known and pioneer of them, with 40 years of experience. Alf is a prolific and famous writer, whose contributions, mostly versing on South American cichlids, have for long been published in T.F.H. and several other aquarium and cichlid specialized magazines. Alf is also an avid traveller, who has collected and observed Cichlids widely in South and Central America.

Alf keeps a great fishroom home, one of specialties being cichlids of the genus Aequidens, of which he normally keeps a good number species. He also maintains many other American cichlid species, as well as livebearers and aquatic plants. Alf has a fantastic library of aquarium literature, with many hard to find publications included.

An [url=""]interview with Alf made during April 1997 is available in this page.

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