Jacques Blanc, 2003
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Jacques Blanc

last updated on 28-Jun-2015

Jacques Blanc was born in 1957 in Manosque, High Provence, France. Since he was 10 years old he was interested in the aquarium of his father. After having tried to raise tadpoles, grass snakes, scorpions and white mices, at twelve years of age he was successful reproducing viviparous fishes, then oviparous fishes, being the first killifish of the genus Aphyosemion. Thereafter he tried to reproduce all the fish available in the trade. He was very interested in the killies. He is a member of the Killi Club of France since about thirty years ago. In 1987 he became fascinated by Cichlids. Those of Malawi at the beginning, then those of Tanganyika and finally those of Central America and the pluvial Africans.

For four years he has been very interested in wild viviparous forms, especially Poeciliids, while having always a great quantity of Cichlids in his tanks. He manages about thirty aquariums, of 10 liters (Killy) with 1,700 liters (Paratheraps bifasciatus, 'Cichlasoma' pearsei, Arowana, Leoporinus, Amphilophus citrinelus, Parachromis motaguensis, etc.) which account for about 5,000 liters on the whole.

Jacques was interested in aquarium photography beginning 1998, and manages since the slide library of the Association France Cichlid, where he is a long time member.

Jacques is married since 1989 with Sylvie and has two children: Jerome (93) and Magali (94). He works as a dental surgeon, which takes much of his time but allows him to leave to the field two times a year, to observe fish in their natural habitat. He has taken part in four expeditions with Jean Claude Nourissat, including three with Patrick De Rham. To Honduras (1998), Panama (2000), Nicaragua (2001) and Guatemala (2002, 2003), he now needs to go to Mexico (2004) with Jeff Dubosc.

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