Sergey Anikstein, 2002
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Sergey Anikstein

Russian Federation
last updated on 23-Jan-2017

Sergey Anikstein was born in Tula, Russia in 1968. He is a college graduated and engaged in aquarium keeping since 1980. Since 1986 he has been an active member of the Tula Aquarium Club. The first fish that Sergey raised and bred was Colisa lalia. Sergey has participated in numerous aquarium shows and obtained several prizes. After he served the Russian army in 1988, he has taken a great interest in the cichlids of the great lakes of Africa. Sergey has been the first one in his city to accomplish breeding numerous species of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids.

Sergey has also taken great interest in the cultivation of aquatic plants.

Sergey is the author of several articles of papers on cichlids of lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, some of which were published in the Aquarium magazine in Russia. He is the co-author (Together with D. Waniushkin) of the popular web site.

Sergey last interest has been aquarium the cultivation of corals.

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