Mike Schaffran, 2001
Cichlid Room Companion

Mike Schaffran

United States
last updated on 18-Feb-2001

I have been an avid Cichlid hobbyist for the last six years. As many before me, I was bitten by the bug. One tank was not enough. I went from one tank, then two, then three, etc. I have spent the last 4 years focusing on Tanganyikan cichlids. Most Tanganyikan cichlids are fairly sensitive. I think my attraction to the fish from this lake is trying to duplicate their environment enough, so that they behave and spawn as they do in the wild. When I achieve my goals I am rewarded. I get to watch healthy, happy fish grow together as the generations of fry are carried on for future hobbyists!

The last few years I have been spending most of my time with Tropheus. They have offered a bigger challenge than most other Tanganyikan Cichlids I have tried to spawn. Their unique requirements make for 24 hour observation. Especially after introducing a new group. I am very fond of the Tropheus moorii, T. duboisi, and sp. variants. I have learned to hold different variant groups in one aquarium. The key to my enjoyment is the health of the fish! The only way to make it possible for future generations is to breed, and spawn generations of healthy Tanganyikan Cichlids. I am always willing and able to help other hobbyists conquer the obstacles the hobby has in store. Happy Cichlid keeping to all!.

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